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Raleigh Attorney Handling License & Certification Issues

Handling License
La Mantia Law Offices PLLC has experience handling a wide variety of license and certification matters. These types of matters typically arise from a violation of a board, agency or entity's governing rules, laws and/or codes, which are related to your professional license or certification. These types of matters start out at times like an innocuous line of questions or request for further clarification or information, but can quickly manifest and progress into an investigation, or adverse license or certification action and process/procedure (e.g., investigation, board review, probable cause hearings, administrative hearings) which can ultimately affect your license or certification. More often than not, consequences regarding your license or certification will result in some form of adverse direct or indirect action by your employer.
Depending on what stage of this process you are in, La Mantia Law Offices PLLC has the experience to assist you through the process from start to finish. As attorneys, we have received inquiries about how we may assist at various stages of the process; however, it is often most helpful to speak with clients sooner rather than later. Given that your livelihood may be at stake, it may be best to seek counsel early.
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