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Raleigh Law Firm Handling Employment Law Matters

Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much the higher consideration.
– Abraham Lincoln
Employment Law
While always seeking to represent the interests of its clients strongly, affirmatively and zealously within the bounds of the law, La Mantia Law Offices PLLC believes in a practical, reasonable, fair and balanced approach to the legal matters that involve employment issues and work relationships. This approach and philosophy provide a framework from which La Mantia Law Offices PLLC can provide effective representation to both employer clients/businesses and employees on such matters.

For Small Business & Other Employers

In addition to the structural and other operational decisions that must be made and activities in which a business and its owners, officers and management must engage from time to time, the importance of job staffing and employment decisions and activities cannot be overemphasized. Because such contracts, salaries, benefits and other decisions and commitments can represent some of the largest expenses and costs of operation and the greatest liability exposure and risks, no business should undertake its decisions and practices in this area lightly.
Given the ever-increasing patchwork of both state and federal laws, regulations and rules affecting such matters, a little bit of knowledge, information and advice can go a long way toward making informed and intelligent decisions with regard to assembling and properly managing your workforce (including relationships with independent contractors and/or employees).  
La Mantia Law Offices PLLC assists small businesses and employers in most matters relating to workforce and employee management, problems and disputes, including:

Business/Relationship Planning & Structures

  • Independent contractor, employment and outsourcing decisions, planning and agreement preparation (including noncompete and confidentiality covenants and restrictions)
  • Development and preparation of policies and procedures manuals or statements
  • State and federal compliance planning

Workforce Management

  • Advice, consultation and representation regarding independent contractor and employee conduct, problem resolution, disputes and discipline
  • Compliance reviews and audits
  • Communications and response preparation for DOL, EEOC, ESC, OSHA and IC matters


When sound workforce management requires such actions to be taken, La Mantia Law Offices PLLC assists employers/businesses in terminating employment and independent contractor relationships, including developing documents and reviewing disciplinary actions, preparing notices and letters of termination, and drafting separation, severance and/or release agreements. 

Dispute Resolution & Litigation 

Whether business/employer-initiated or resulting from the actions of an ex-contractor or employee, La Mantia Law Offices PLLC helps protect and enforce the rights of businesses and employers in arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings and/or legal actions in the state and federal courts.

For Employees

Job security and fair treatment in workplace environments, policies and programs are often central issues in each of our daily lives and personal happiness. Additionally, there are very few situations more personally devastating or frightening than the abrupt and unexpected termination from a job, especially when such action involves the end of a long relationship and years of service or is accompanied by accusations of improper conduct or poor performance. 
La Mantia Law Offices PLLC is a strong supporter of employment relationships and policies that are characterized by fairness, equal treatment, dignity and respect – both for the individual and the business and for each party's obligations under the law. In this regard, La Mantia Law Offices PLLC represents the interests of employees in a wide variety of matters and actions related to workplace conditions and policies, improper treatment in the workplace, wrongful termination and other post-termination/employment conduct including:
  • Wage and hour matters (including overtime compensation and separation pay and benefits)
  • Safety complaints and OSHA matters
  • Family and medical leave and disability matters
  • Discrimination and/or harassment matters (e.g. age, sex, race, disability, ethnicity, religion)
  • Retaliation
  • Contested unemployment (ESC) matters (e.g. denials, appeals)
  • Severance agreement matters
  • Noncompete restrictions and confidentiality/trade secret matters